The Best iOS Learning Resources

The Best iOS Learning Resources


Mobile development has become an important, high demand and high paid skill in last couple of years and especially iOS app developers are enjoying this situation. Apple earned tens of billions of dollars revenue from app sales via iTunes and this trend is going to rise in upcoming years. Each year Apple sells millions of its newly released devices and each new device opens a whole new market for developers.

Of course people who have been developing iOS apps for years have lots of advantage over others who are just starting. On the other hand, the first step of learning iOS app development is the hardest one. If you are not able to join a course due to any reason, it becomes more difficult to learn things without any aid. However, there are many ways to build a strong foundation of your core concepts about mobile development and start making apps.

Following is list of the best iOS app development learning resources; it includes books, online websites/tutorials, video tutorials/channels and online courses/mobile apps. Let’s talk about these amazingly helpful resources and how you can benefit from these.


iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide is written by Christian Keur, Joe Conway and Aaron Hillegass. Although this book does not discuss latest iOS development tools and features presented in iOS 8 and above, and Xcode 6 and above but it is considered one of the finest and most comprehensive books written on this subject.

This book covers core concepts and techniques that are foundations of this platform. The contents of iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide are divided into chapters strategically so readers can move to the next section when they grasp the concept presented in the previous one.

iOS 7 Application Development in 24 Hours

iOS 7 Application Development in 24 Hours is written by John Ray and surprisingly this book helps developers do exactly the same what its name suggests. However, unlike many other books written on this subject, this one is not for people who are novice to the programming itself. If you have complete grasp over major concepts of the programming then iOS 7 Application Development in 24 Hours is definitely for you.

Although iOS 7 is considered obsolete but still a hefty percentage of iOS devices are still running this version. On the other hand, this book has around 900 pages where development techniques and tools are divided into 24 sessions – one hour for each.

iOS App Development For Dummies

iOS App Development For Dummies is written by Jesse Feiler who is also known for his amazing work in another book named “iWork For Dummies”. As the name suggests, iOS App Development for Dummies is specifically written for people who want to learn things in simple and step-by-step manner.

As iOS 7 is considered one of the biggest software revolutions in the history of Apple, this book was written to help developers understand new things in iOS 7. Jesse Feiler has done tremendous work in this book and he encourages readers to try new things and use practical approach to learn things.

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Programming iOS 7

Programming iOS 7 is written by Matt Neuburg and O’Reilly Media owns its rights. This particular book is quite different than many other books because it also talks about popular apps and the programming tactics and strategies used in them. The real world examples make easier for readers to grasp complicated concepts that are hard to understand theoretically and practically.

Programming iOS 7 is for intermediate people who want to move from mediocre apps to great apps. The contents of Programming iOS 7 are quite difficult for beginners but if you already have strong foundation, you can learn a lot from this book.

Video Tutorials/Channels

Beside books, there are tons of online video tutorials that can help you learn iOS development in weeks. Let’s see them.


TheNewBoston has 1,100,000 subscribers and it is one of the most popular YouTube Channels designed specifically for users who want to learn iOS development from the beginning. Interestingly, TheNewBoston has more than a million subscribers and this YouTube Channel offers tons of video tutorials. Of course all of these videos are available for free and this particular channel covers iOS development, Android development, game development and some other relevant topics.


SlideNerd has 93,000 subscribers and it has a quite diversified collection of contents; it has something for everyone. New programmers can learn the core concepts of mobile app development and iOS development by watching their video tutorials. And SlideNerd also offers contents to intermediate and expert programmers to polish their skills. SlideNerd covers different programming related topics including Java, iOS, Swift, Android, JS and Python.

Google Developers

Google Developers has 845,000 subscribers and it offers one of the most comprehensive and valued collection of video contents that include lessons, tutorials, talks, reviews and other things related to different programming related subjects. Mainly it focuses on Android development but topics like Chrome, Web development and iOS development are also covered thoroughly in this YouTube Channel.

Easy Learn Tutorials

Easy Learn Tutorials, as the name suggests is curated specifically for novice programmers who are just entering the iOS development world. It has 12,000 subscribers. Although Easy Learn Tutorials mainly focuses on game development strategies but the best thing about this channel is its easiness. Easy Learn Tutorials offers a vast collection of video contents on iOS development, software engineering, Android development, JS and PHP.


JREAM has 53,000 subscribers and the main idea behind JREAM is to make things interesting and make programming a fun activity even while doing boring tasks. JREAM starts with easy to understand concepts and basics, and then it moves toward advanced strategies so viewers can do it step by step. JREAM covers different subjects and topics like PHP, PS, iOS development and others.

Code School

Code School has 18,000 subscribers and it is a well known YouTube channel which is mainly popular because of its contents type. It covers topics like iOS development, Ruby, JS and CSS. Code School is specifically designed for programmers and designers who want the core principle behind things rather than getting things done without knowing the background of them.

Online Resources and Websites

Online resources are relatively easier than books and video tutorials because they help users track their progress and grasp concepts before moving on. Let’s see some popular online resources and websites.

Apple Swift Language Guide

Apple Swift Language Guide is the official learning center of Swift  and obviously it is one the best available resources at this moment because of many reasons; Apple Swift Language Guide covers everything related to iOS development including language itself, syntax, concepts, control flow and even modern features. Of course you need to learn Objective-C first but Swift is the way to go.


AppCoda is a popular choice for iOS developers who want to learn specific things while working on different projects. For example, you don’t need to learn everything like ‘how to use the front camera of an iPhone in an app” unless you are working on a project that needs this specific feature. AppCoda makes it easier for learners to find such queries and get things done the easy way. However, AppCoda needs a certain level of skills so developers can understand its concepts and contents.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow does not need an introduction. Although it is not a tutorial website or learning center but it offers a great environment for Q&A where anyone can ask questions and industry experts give answers. Stack Overflow is not an exclusive platform for iOS developers but it covers a wide range of topics related to different fields. Stack Overflow has a huge collection of contents and it is almost certain you’d be able to find answer of a specific question or problem you are encountering.


Interestingly, Quora has nothing to do with iOS development or even mobile development directly. However, it has been positioning itself as industry leading Q&A website and service where users can ask questions on almost every topic. Unfortunately, Quora is not as old or mature like other websites and resources, so you might not find the answers right away but you can ask questions and invite industry experts to answer that question for you. Consider Quora a better and advanced version of Yahoo Answers.


GitHub is a complete suite for every iOS developer as it offers tons of features. First of all, you can share your work with other people. You can create your own private and public repositories, and present your code globally. Unlike other websites and online resources, GitHub provides a whole new and unique learning experience where developers collaborate with each other on different projects. One of the best things about GitHub is its automatic backup system. With GitHub you don’t have to worry about losing your code or important files.

Unlike other names in this list, is not a learning center for beginners and it does not cover core concepts, language, syntax and even the framework itself. is all about latest iOS development techniques and practices that professional iOS developers should be aware of. The main idea behind this website is to update developers about innovations.

Top 100 Blogs for iOS Developers

SoftwareHow has assembled a list of the top 100 blogs on iOS development, with frequent updates, you can be sure this curated list has everything you need.


Some other popular names are,, Titanium, Stanford iOS Development CS, Techno Buffalo, MIT Intro to iOS Development and Maniac Dev.

Mobile Apps and Courses

Mobile apps and online courses allow iOS development enthusiasts to learn things on-the-go. Some of these mobile apps have comprehensive video tutorials but unlike YouTube Channels, these apps provide a whole different experience.


Udemy is one of the most popular online courses and mobile app, which is available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. There are two ways to find things you are looking for; first you can browse through categories and find the course you want to take. Or you can use the search bar to find specific subjects/topics. Udemy covers almost every field and the development category includes iOS development, Android development, game development and others.

It is easy to take a course; use categories or search bar to find a course you want to take (prices vary from $10 to $50), read the description and other details about the course (like number of lectures, hours etc.) and take the course.


Lynda offers hundreds of courses from different fields and industries. The iOS app development category has 43 mobile apps courses and 1,096 video tutorials which is pretty impressive. You can access all of its courses via their subscriptions; Basic plan is available for $24.99 per month or $239 per year and the Premium plan is available for $34.99 per month or $359 per year.

When you click on a course for more details, it shows description, transcript, FAQs and ToC for your convenience. If you are not sure about their services, use their website for free via trial they offer.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy does not need an introduction; it is backed by big names like Microsoft, Apple and Google. Khan Academy offers one of the most advanced and comprehensive collection of video tutorials available for free. Although their collection is not exclusive or specialized in iOS development but they have been expanding it for months.

You can download their Android or iOS apps for free and the service is also totally free. When you use Khan Academy on mobile devices and their website, it helps you track your progress so you can continue the course from where you left it earlier.


Coursera allows users from all over the globe to take their favorite online courses from world’s prestigious universities. You can visit their official website and see which relevant courses are available at this moment. For example, currently University of Toronto is offering iOS App Development with Swift Specialization course which starts from April 18. The prices vary and this course is available for $79.

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