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Collect user feedback

Getting feedback from the final users is one of the most important things for an app developer. Good user feedback allows you to detect errors in your app and helps you to understand better your product.

You can send user feedback with our ready-made UI like this:

Bugfender.getUserFeedback().then((result) => {
     if (result.isSent) {
         // User sent the feedback
         // `result.feedbackURL` contains the Bugfender feedback URL
     } else {
         // User closed the modal without sending the feedback

And you will get something like this:

Also you can send user feedback directly if you got the strings with your own view controller, like this:

Bugfender.sendUserFeedback('Love the App!', 'You are doing a great job with it.')

Sending User Feedback automatically sends all cached logs for the current session, even if the device is not enabled for sending logs.

To learn more about user feedback and how to customize it, see the JS SDK docs.