COVID-19 Status Update

During these difficult times, we would like to send you our best wishes and reassure you that Bugfender will keep operating as usual.

Here are the steps we’re taking to ensure service continuity:

  • Bugfender has been a fully remote company since its inception, so our support and development staff have not been impacted. All essential functions like customer support and systems monitoring can be covered by multiple team members.
  • We have reduced our on-site data center works to the minimum required to keep it running, doing most of the operations from home. Data centers are sensitive because viruses spread more easily due to ventilation systems. All non-essential scheduled work that needs physical presence in the data centers has been postponed, whilst we can still cover emergencies if required.

If you are a Bugfender customer impacted by COVID-19:

We would like to help you in these difficult times. If you have experienced an important decrease in sales and are having trouble paying the Bugfender subscription, please contact us and we’ll figure out a solution.