Associated Device Information

Associated Device Information


Today we’re introducing a feature that we have been testing for some time already: device associated information. We believe it will make your life easier when trying to locate a device or learn more about its user.

Some cases when you may want to associated information with a device:

  • When the user logs into your application, you may want to store a user identifier, for example your internal User ID in the database or the e-mail address.
  • If you use Bugfender in conjunction with other tools such as Firebase Crashlytics or Mixpanel, you may want to associate their ID with Bugfender, so that you can cross-reference information at any time.
  • Any other information that may be relevant to your application. For example, if the user enabled synchronization with your server, if they linked their account with Facebook, when was the last time they changed their profile picture,…

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How to set device information?

Very easy. Use setDevice* methods to associate information as if it were a dictionary.

For example:

[Bugfender setDeviceBOOL:YES forKey:@"user_logged_in"];
[Bugfender setDeviceString:@"[email protected]" forKey:@"user_email"];
[Bugfender setDeviceDouble:4.5 forKey:@"app_rating"];
[Bugfender setDeviceInteger:3 forKey:@"profile_picture_change_count"];
[Bugfender removeDeviceKey:@"profile_picture_change_count"]; // to remove

For more information, check out the SDK documentation.

How to use the associated device information?

You will see the associated device information whenever you visit a device or a session in Bugfender, and you can use it in the search box to easily find a device. For example, to find sessions related to a user you might want to search for “[email protected]”.

Keep enjoying Bugfender as much as we do!

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