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Get fast remote access to your applications’ log files on users’ devices - wherever they are in the world.

Bugfender logs virtually everything, and goes beyond simple app crashes. It even logs when the device is offline.

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Resolve Bugs Early

Free Bug Tracking Tool

Track and fix before your users get an error message, with remote debugging.

Find Bugs Faster

Debug Faster

Reproduce bugs on your devices easily with our log collector.

Customer Support with Ease

Customer Support Made Simple

View recent user activity when working on a support case.

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See It in Action - Dashboard


Get an overview of your application's status using Bugfender’s dashboard—including the number of sessions, devices, and any issues that have been raised.

See It in Action - App


Aside from logs, get access to a ton of additional invaluable information, such as app performance, devices being used, sessions, and issues - giving you an in-depth picture on your application's health.

See It in Action - Devices


Bugfender records detailed information about the devices in use: the brand, OS version, RAM, language, orientation, and much more.

See It in Action - Logs


Use our powerful filters to narrow down logs to device, brand, OS version, or even by individual user. Bugfender enables you to discover issues faster than ever before.

See It in Action - Teams


Create a team within Bugfender to share your app's logs and manage collaborations between colleagues and clients.

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How Does Bugfender Work?

Bugfender is a remote logger for multiple platforms including iOS and Android. It stores logs created by your application and sends them to our server, creating a remote console where you can see logs in real time.

Add Bugfender's SDK to Your App
We Collect Logs from Real Users
And Process Them on Our Servers
Which You Can View and Filter in Our Web App

Fast-As-Hell Setup in Less Than 60 Seconds

Integrate Bugfender's SDK into a wide range of platforms in under a minute!

Bugfender for iOS


View your customer application NSLogs from your computer. It’s just like having a remote Xcode console viewer, helping you fix bugs easily.

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Bugfender for Android


Receive your application logcat anywhere and remotely view what’s happening on your user’s device, helping you pinpoint the trickiest bugs.

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Remote Logging

Crash logs are sent remotely from the device to our servers, so you can track what’s causing trouble.

Remote Config

Enable and disable logging for each device individually and remotely.

Offline Mode

Logs are stored locally on the device and transmitted when it’s back online.

Log Organization

Logs are organized by sessions, devices, and app versions, so you can easily find what you’re looking for via our admin panel.


Send issues from your app and organize them in your favorite bug tracking tool.

Device Info

Get information about the device for each logging session, and review OS versions and device features.

Tags & Levels

Set tags and priority levels for each log line - making it easier to search and filter entries within the log viewer later on.


Bugfender is GDPR compliant and we'll be happy to sign a data processing agreement with customers.

Crash Reporting

Keep track of your application's health in one central location with both logs and crashes.

Superb Customer Support

Providing top-notch support is a priority for us. At Bugfender, everyone is a customer champion, so when you submit a support request you’ll get a fast, high-quality response from our product engineers.

Elene Kassmeyer - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Hey there, is it possible to associate an email address with a device? Elene Kassmeyer
You can indeed, we've actually got a handy guide on this which you might find useful. Check it out here.
The Bugfender Team
Jackie Alden - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to send logs from within an Android service? Jackie Alden
That's a great question, and it sure is possible. If you initialize Bugfender within the service, you'll be able to send logs from there too.
The Bugfender Team
Hyledd Quirina - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to retrieve logs from a device, but only when an issue is raised? Hyledd Quirina
Absolutely, just disable logs for all devices. When an issue is raised, it bypasses this setting and sends over the logs so you can see what's been happening.
The Bugfender Team
Pól Balogh - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to track issues with Bugfender? Such as app crashes? Pól Balogh
Issues we support right out of the box, and crash reporting is something that's on our roadmap - it'll be released really soon. For now, if you'd like to get more information on raising issues, take a look at this page.
The Bugfender Team

Our engineers double up as support agents. Bugfender is built for developers, by developers - you’ll always get expert solutions from real professionals.

Looking for a specific feature or have a suggestion for us? Please get in touch. We’re always looking for ways to make Bugfender even better, and we’d love to hear from you.

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