3 Years of Living in a Camper Van and Running a 20 People Remote Business

3 Years of Living in a Camper Van and Running a 20 People Remote Business

In this first episode of the O4H VANLIFE SERIES Stefan explains his story of quitting high school, living on the beaches of Maui, working on the first self-driving cars at Stanford University and then starting a 20 people technology business that he runs fully remotely out of his camper van.

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Upcoming Episodes

  • Camping: Campsites vs Wild Camping vs City Camping
  • Costs & Expenses of Living in a Van
  • The Van & Its Equipment in All Detail
  • Getting Internet Access in the Wild
  • Food & Cooking in the Van
  • Setting up a Routine and Maintaining Focus
  • The Van Life & Social Interactions
  • Love Life: Living in a Van With Your Partner and Maybe Children
  • How to Run a Remote Business
  • Minimalism: How Many Things Do You Really Need?

Show Notes

Van Walk-through

  • Fiat Ducato / Weinsberg (130 HP Diesel)
  • MacBook Pro 13″
  • iPhone 7
  • Netgear LTE router + external antenna
  • 2x gas stoves
  • 90 litre fridge and freezer
  • Bathroom: toilet + shower combo
  • 3 water tanks
    • Fresh water
    • Waste water
    • Toilet
  • 190m long bed
  • Bike rack that also serves as a laundry line

My Van Story

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