Crash Reporting

Bugfender’s real-time crash reporting tool shows you crashes and issues side by side, so you get a forensic analysis of any issue. You can choose as much or as little information as you like, and you won’t just get the facts of each crash - you’ll get the full story.

Crashes and Logs Together

Everytime the SDK sends a crash report, our backend solution links it up to the relevant log sessions. So you can see how the error happened, step by step.

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Personal Touch

You’ll be informed of every crash, but you can decide whether you want to receive issue alerts. If you tell Bugfender not to send them, it won’t.

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Panoramic View

You can view individual crash reports or take an aggregated view, allowing you to compare your app’s performance across different devices.

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Your Customer’s Data is Yours and we operate by this principle. We don’t use your customer’s data, we don’t sell it to third parties, and we don’t target your customers with ads, tracker cookies or anything like it. Period.

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How to get started with Bugfender’s Crash Reporting Tool

Just follow these four steps:

Remote Logging Remote Logging

1) Sign up for an account

Remote Logging Remote Logging

2) Install our SDK

Remote Logging Remote Logging

3) Enable crash reporting in the app

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4) View crashes in our web app

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