React Debugging

React Debugging

React debugging and Client-Side Logging at real-time

Monitor and Logging production errors on your React JS applications. Get a notification before your customers notice a production Exception without a try/catch, with the device info and detailed log to fix it quickly.

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React Debugging

Background Run

Performance Logging

Bugfender will catch Exceptions and Errors on your application and will enqueue it silency to process on background without affect the performance of your React WebSite or Android/iOS App.

Real-Time Error Reporting

Instant Error notifications

Real-time React logging with the log detail of each Error. Then you can reproduce the issue and fix it before your customers complain.

JavaScript Error Details

Easy debugging

Thanks to Bugfender you can customize your Log View and find quickly the important data for your project.

React Error Handling

Get the React Device Info for your Android o iPhone Apps, or the Browser and O.S. in your website using React JS, to understand in what conditions the bug occurs.

JavaScript Error Message

Installing the React SDK

The SDK for React can be easily installed as an NPM module that you can import to your application.
If you are working with a React app, take a look at our React plugin in Github.

First of all, install SDK NPM package:

npm install @bugfender/sdk

Then you can init and use the SDK in your index.js file before calling ReactDOM.render():

// Import Bugfender
import { Bugfender } from '@bugfender/sdk';

// Initialize. `appKey` is the only required option.
    appKey: 'YOUR_APP_KEY_HERE',
    // overrideConsoleMethods: true,
    // printToConsole: true,
    // registerErrorHandler: true,
    // version: '',
    // build: '',

// Bugfender now can be used
Bugfender.log('Hello world!');

Now you can start using our tool:

import { Bugfender } from '@bugfender/sdk';

functions class App {
    useEffect(() => {
        Bugfender.log('App Created');
    }, [])

Remember to change YOUR_APP_KEY_HERE with the app key of your app. You can get an app key by signing up to Bugfender. For all the available options see our reference.

Customer Support from Our React Engineers

Providing top-notch support is a priority for us. At Bugfender, everyone is a customer champion, so when you submit a support request you’ll get a fast, high-quality response from our product engineers.

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