Mobile-First SDK

Bugfender’s mobile-first SDK is built to be as less intrusive as possible and to work almost on any condition without affecting your app user experience. It's also very easy to install, you will have it running in less than 5 minutes.

It has a native iOS and Android SDK but it also has support for hybrid applications.

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Lightweight & Battery Efficient

We built our SDK to be as unobtrusive as possible, so it uses very little memory, it's battery efficient and code size is small. Your app size won't be affected when you install our SDK. Neither the UI responsiveness or battery usage.

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Small Data Consumption

We know customers are worried about data usage as data is not free. Our SDK sends small batches of data from time to time, which doesn't incure in big network usage. We even allow developers to enable and disable devices as needed.

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Offline Support

Device going offline it's something that happens quite often to mobile app users. Bugfender is designed to work even if the device is offline, our SDK will buffer the logs (you can define the size limit of the buffer) and send them later when the device is online.

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Crashes With Context

Our tool gathers logs and send them to our server, but it also handles app crashes. And as we log everything happenning in the app you will have a lot more information than with similar tools, you can see how the error happened, step by step.

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Device/User Centric

No more searching through thousands of logs to find the log of the user you are looking for. Bugfender has a Device/User centrinc approach where you can see all the logs of a single device or user.

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How to Get Started

Just follow these four steps:

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1) Sign up for an account

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2) Install our SDK

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3) Start sending logs

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4) View in our web console

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Just like having a remote Xcode console viewer.

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Bugfender is the best remote logger for mobile apps.

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