In-App User Feedback

In-App Feedback enables you to root out problems, build a bridge with your customers and retain them for longer. With Bugfender’s brand-new tool for in-app Feedback, Android and iOS developers can build a bespoke feedback screen for users to report issues inside the app itself.

Gain In-App Feedback from Users

Bugfender’s user-friendly tool gives you the insight you need from the people who matter most - your customers.

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Build a Killer Design

Our in-app feedback feature lets you design your own screen, or choose our default version if you prefer.

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Build a Great Reputation

In-App feedback tools make users feel heard and show you care about how their app looks and feels.

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Increase Customer Retention

By giving your users a voice, your more likely to retain them - and win new ones.

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How to get started with Bugfender’s In-App Feedback Tool

Just follow these four steps:

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1) Sign up for an account

Remote Logging Remote Logging

2) Install our SDK

Remote Logging Remote Logging

3) Call the send user feedback method:

  • Android: Bugfender.sendUserFeedback(title, message);
  • iOS: [Bugfender sendUserFeedbackWithSubject:@"title" message:@"message"];
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4) View feedback in our web app

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