Case Studies

Blast Motion

Based in Carlsbad, California, Blast Motion is defining the future of wearable motion capture technology. By combining the industry’s most complete performance improvement solution and real-time metrics analysis with auto-curated video highlights, Blast Motion has created a contextually rich user experience that enhances the way people capture, analyze, and improve their game.

How Bugfender Helped

  • Provides customer support representatives with more context when users require help.
  • Gives developers details insights into issues occurring within the app.
  • Adds multiple version of the app in Bugfender to split logs by development stage.
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Eye-D (acronym for Eye Devices) is a multiple award project by GingerMind Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Eye-D build products to empower people having vision impairment with technology to help them lead an independent life, be location aware, explore and navigate to nearby places of interest, evaluate surroundings with their smartphone camera and read printed text.

How Bugfender Helped

  • Gathering device information including the manufacturer, model, CPU, memory, cameras, and other sensors.
  • Gain access to usage and error logs from an app used by visually impaired users who may be unable to report issues.
  • Insights into how their application behaves on hundreds of different Android devices.
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Rakkon is an app for parents to monitor their kids’ social media use—tracking time spent on apps like Instagram and Twitter, and sending alerts to both parents and kids when anything risky or inappropriate turns up. Kids want to use social media and that’s hard to do safely and responsibly.

How Bugfender Helped

  • Helped the developers to debug issues where Xcode failed to provide logs.
  • Discover communication issues between the app and the backend.
  • Defensive logging helped to pre-empt issues without having to re-release new builds to find out what's happening.
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