Remote Logging

Bugfender’s real-time remote logging technology brings your application’s logs right to you, wherever your users are in the world. You’ll be able to simulate any bug in seconds and see how your application is working on thousands of different devices.

No Need to Contact Users Ever Again

Whenever a bug occurs, Bugfender’s remote logging-as-a-service tool collects the data and sends it to you instantly. You’ll be able to carry out a remote debug on any device, without having to bother your users.

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See Everything That’s Happening Inside Your Application

Bugfender’s 24-7 logging brings you way more than bug reports. You’ll get a 360° view of your app’s performance - even when it’s installed on thousands of devices.

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Any Device, Any Stage, Anywhere

Bugfender will bring you logs from every single Android or iPhone device, and it works in both beta and production stages. No matter how many users you’ve got, we’ll give you the full picture.

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Guarantee 5-Star Customer Support

With its web-based console, our remote log solution lets you drill down into individual devices to root out bugs before they can spread - and provide world-class customer service.

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How to Get Started

Just follow these four steps:

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1) Sign up for an account

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2) Install our SDK

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3) Start sending logs

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4) View in our web console

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Bugfender is the best remote logger for mobile apps.

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