Bugfender Competition Winner Announcement

Bugfender Competition Winner Announcement


Social Steps developer José Jeria Mena wins Bugfender competition

Bugfender is pleased to announce that José Jeria Mena, developer of the game-changing fitness app Social Steps, has won our latest competition and is now the proud owner of an iPhone XS.

José built his app last year in tandem with German developer Snapp Mobile, to give people the chance to compare their daily steps against their peers and turn walking into a competitive, interactive exercise. The app has already received 3,000 downloads and earned an average rating of 4.7 – testament to the quality of its design and the niche it has carved among social fitness fanatics.

José decided to build Social Steps after finding that he could not compare his step count against his wife’s on a single device. He and the Snapp team built the app as a side project, with a remarkable turnaround time of just two months prior to roll-out late last year.

Bugfender played a crucial role in the project, enabling developers to drill down into the app’s user base and target specific problems during the build. Bugfender’s forensic log reports enabled them to conduct thorough debugs, particularly beneficial when integrating Apple’s HealthKit.

Given the tight timeframe, José and the team needed to move through each stage as swiftly as possible, with minimal complication. Unlike the logging tools they’d tried previously, Bugfender gave them the power to deliver updates quickly and effectively, finishing the project within their original timeframe.

Now the development team say they are ready to implement a number of crucial enhancements to increase sessions and user engagement, including the introduction of a notifications screen. Bugfender is sure to play a crucial role in their onward journey.

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More about Social Steps

Social Steps is available on both the iStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android). To find out more about Social Steps, visit the app’s website here.

More about Bugfender

Bugfender is a game-changing cloud-based platform that combines remote logging and crash reporting, providing details of every issue your users experience and allowing holistic device management via an easy-to-use web console.

The Bugfender team has recently rolled out a number of new features including in-app feedback, Ionic support and ‘UNITY’ compatibility, which means there are now eight supported platforms. All this for the same price as before!

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