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Edit: After six months of testing with a small set of users, the “Live” feature of Bugfender has been discontinued.

Being developers, testers and even remotely related to app development industry, we all understand that not every bug could be reproduced at will. Sometimes things happen randomly with random users based on many factors that could not be reproduced. You might have 100% confident in your app as it works perfect on all the devices you have it tested on but:

  1. What if only some users experience issues?

You might think of it as a distant possibility but you cannot test your app on all the compatible devices especially on Android devices as there are hundreds of vendors making thousands of models.

  1. What if the issue is caused by a random app install on particular devices?

You cannot possibly catch and fix that bug without having physical access to the device or at least see the bug on device yourself.

  1. What if the device is located thousands of miles away from you?

That’s where Bugfender’s latest feature Bugfender Live comes in action. As the name suggests, Bugfender Live gives you real time remote access to the device so you can see the problem yourself with developer’s or tester’s eye.

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How Bugfender Live Works?

Bugfender Live is just another brilliant piece of work by our team and it is going to revolutionize the app development industry. It takes on two lines of codes and 3 minutes of your time to integrate the code into the app. The SDK connects the app with our server and initiates the connection with WebRTC technology. And after the connection is successfully established, you can see the app in real time in your web browser.

Things You Should Know About Bugfender Live

  • Bugfender Live can stream only the data stream within the app itself and there is no possible way to access other apps’ data or anything else other than the specific app.
  • Bugfender Live does not run all the time in the background and it does not stream anything and does not use any bandwidth when inactive.

How Bugfender Can Help You Develop Better Apps?

Bugfender is designed and developed to help developers do one thing; discover bugs in their apps before their users do and fix those issues as soon as possible. The thing that makes Bugfender a unique and drastically different tool from its peer is its capabilities of be an automated testing tool and crash reporting tool at the same time. It has combined the functionalities of both to provide developers a better working and testing environment.

Individual developers can take advantage of Bugfender and test their apps on real devices instead of emulators as they are not 100% effective. Being an integral part of the source code, Bugfender can send real time data regarding app performance and stability on actual devices so developer can see issues that were missed in testing.

Every device acts different based on its framework, operating system version, other installed apps on the device and many other things that could not be foreseen. But users do not understand these technical details and they only want to see their apps working. That’s where Bugfender excel and by gathering real time data from real devices, developers can make necessary changes, fix those issues and update their apps.

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