Bugfender Outage – What Happened and What We’ve Done

Bugfender Outage – What Happened and What We’ve Done


I’d like to offer a heartfelt apology to all of our users who have experienced any downtime and issues with Bugfender recently. We’re really sorry these have occured and for all of the inconveniences they may have caused you. We understand that many people rely on Bugfender to help them in their daily duties and that our service has let you down.

We wanted to write up this post to let you know this is not the level of service we want to offer, to outline what ultimately caused these issues and what precautions we’ve put in place to stop them from recurring in the future.

What Happened?

During the last two weeks, we’ve faced a series of challenges. Firstly, we had an unexpected spike in popularity, which caused one of our servers to max out it’s capacity. This was a relatively easy issue to fix and was resolved quickly. Your logs were delivered but delayed due to the backlog that needed to be processed.

This backlog in turn, added stress to our database, which caused the service to react slowly when viewing the logs of an application.

But that’s not all that happened, we also experienced some totally unrelated and unfortunate incidents during this time. One of our database servers failed, and another of our DNS servers weren’t configured properly, adding to the list of issues and spreading our attention.

What’s Happening Now?

During this process, we’ve learned about a few inefficiencies in several parts of the platform and have now hugely improved them. This has made the service more stable, and has set us up ready to deal with any future spikes of traffic.

We are also reworking parts of the application to make it snappier, shortening network load times and improving UI architecture to make renders faster. We’ve already completed some changes in this area, and will be releasing incremental updates over the upcoming weeks.

We are also studying our options to improve our operations team reaction times – we want to be transparent and let you know as soon as anything happens.

As always, you can check our status page for updates. Currently there are no outstanding problems, but if you are still experiencing any issues – please let us know because we might not be aware of them yet.

Once again, we’re so sorry you had to experience this, but thank you so much for staying with us – we really appreciate it and glad you find Bugfender to be such a useful tool.

Yours sincerely,


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