Bugfender Mobile Operating Systems and Devices Stats

Bugfender Mobile Operating Systems and Devices Stats

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Bugfender Remote Logger is a cloud storage service specifically designed for mobile applications to get real time data. Here are some statistics about the iOS and Android devices and platform versions. Bugfender updates these statistics every 6 hours and following stats were collected on June 13th, 2016.

How Extended Is the Latest Version Of iOS?

iOS 9 which is the latest version of iOS platform is currently installed on 93.2% devices that mean this is the clear choice of developers who want to prefer one iOS version over others. iOS 8 is installed on 6.7% and iOS 7 is only installed on 0.1% devices.

Which are The Most Common iOS Devices?

iPhone 6 is the most popular iOS device with 25.6% market share. Second and third positions are hold by iPhone 5s with 18.3% and iPhone 6s with 11.2% market share respectively.

How Android Versions Are Distributed?

Unlike the latest version of iOS that holds 93.2% of the market share, the latest version of Android which is Android 6.x only holds 20.8% of the market share with two of its variants which are Android 6.0 with 11.3% and Android 6.0.1 with 9.5%.

Interestingly these are not even the most popular ones; Android 5.1.1 holds the biggest market share with 15.9% and another of its variant Android 5.0.2 has 13.1% market share. Some other popular variants are Android 5.1, Android 4.4.4, Android 4.4.2 and Android 4.1.2 with 10.1%, 8.2%, 12.1% and 4.8% market share respectively.

What are the Top 10 Android Devices?

Motorola Moto E2 is the most popular Android device with 4.2% market share. This number is significantly lesser than most popular iOS device because of Android fragmentation. Other most popular Android devices are Samsung Galaxy Win I8550 with 4.1%, Motorola Moto G3 with 2.7%, Samsung Galaxy J500M with 2.7%, Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen with 2.5%, LG L Prime with 2.2%, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 2.0%, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with 1.7%, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos TV with 1.7% and Motorola Moto G Dual with 1.6%.

How Bugfender Can Help You Here?

Although Android platform is notoriously known for device fragmentation because of hundreds of vendors developing thousands of devices but testing on iOS device is also not as easy as generally anticipated by developers. There are only three variants of iOS platforms mainly used on 99.9% of the devices but there are almost 20 different devices and it makes it difficult for developers to test their apps on all of them using real devices.

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That’s why sometimes developers test their apps on the most popular devices like iPhone 6 in our example, and users with not so popular devices experience issues. Android does not need much elaboration; the 10 most popular Android devices only hold 25.3% of the market share (as compared to iPhone 6 that holds 25.6% of the market share) and thousands of other Android devices hold 74.7% of the market share.

In other words, it is almost impossible for developers to test their Android apps on devices that even hold only 50% of the market share. That’s where Bugfender comes in action; it allows developers to test their apps on real devices by getting real time data to analyze any kind of abnormal behavior or crashes.

As not all bugs result in total failure but some only disrupt the performance, reliability, security and stability of the app, it is essential to get the complete logging and analysis of the apps to make essential changes.

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