Introducing Bugfender

Introducing Bugfender


Bugfender is a modern remote logger tailor-made for mobile development.

Sounds cheesy, right? Well, here is what it actually does:


If you’ve ever been involved in the development process of a mobile application, I’m sure you came across a scenario where you or your developers simply weren’t able to reproduce a serious bug that some of your customers were experiencing.

To resolve such issues you usually had to connect the problematic device to your development machine via USB. But what are you going to do if the customer experiencing the specific problem happens to live 500 kilometers away?

Bugfender solves this problem by providing real-time access to the device’s debug log console.

Bugfender Session Viewer

So Bugfender is just another crash reporting tool then? Not really. Other tools let you know when your application has catastrophically failed i.e. crashes. Bugfender is more subtle than that, it enables you to diagnose the issue when your users are experiencing any kind of problem (even if there’s no crash) and helps you to start identifying the source of the problem much earlier.

Learn more on the FAQ about how Bugfender compares to Crashlytics Log, Bugsense, HockeyApp, Crittercism, Splunk MINT and others.

Bugfender is built by developers, for developers.

Bugfender was built by Mobile Jazz from their own needs. They’d been developing mobile applications since 2008, ranging from small startup apps to big name enterprise applications. Many of their apps reached over 10M users, one even has more than 100M users. On average their apps have an app store rating of 4.5 stars.

With so many new devices entering the markets each year it’s becoming more and more difficult to deliver a great user experience. Ensuring backwards compatibility can be a struggle requiring testing on a large number of devices to be even reasonably confident of your application’s behavior. This in turn can tie up a lot of resources, delaying delivery and increasing costs. Android alone for example now has close to 19000 distinctive devices. As you can see, it’s virtually impossible to cover them all.

This is where Bugfender comes in. With Bugfender you can access your application’s logfile remotely. You can do this on any device, but more importantly, you can access those devices that are experiencing issues with your app.


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