We listened! Better navigation and tons of new features – June 2015 update

We listened! Better navigation and tons of new features – June 2015 update


We are proud to announce we just updated the Bugfender web console, give it a look.

In this June 2015 update we worked very hard to get you the best experience possible, we’ve listened to you. Here is a list of the most important improvements.

Web interface

Better navigation in the web console

You can now apply filters that help you find devices and sessions for more easily. You can filter by version, device type, date or just free text. Also you can Ctrl-click (or Cmd-click if you’re a Mac user) on anything to open new tabs.

Enable all devices

This feature allows you to enable logging in all devices simultaneously, very useful for applications in beta phase. We had it since some weeks ago but we improved its usability, check it out.

More reachable customer support

We’re reachable via e-mail and the Support tab in our website, and we just added chat. It’s important for us to be near you!


SDK log synchronization options

The newest iOS SDK (version 0.3.5) sends logs at regular time intervals instead of based on log size. This improves the time until you see log lines in the Bugfender web console and reduces battery usage in some applications.

Send logs from the device

We included a new feature to enable synchronization from the device. Say you detect an error condition and want to report it to Bugfender, you can send the logs even if the device is disabled in the Bugfender console. Check out forceSendOnce and forceEnabled:.

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User interaction logging

You can have Bugfender log automatically all user interactions. Automated logs are useful to gain context when you don’t have logs in place that explain what the application is doing all the time. Just call enableUIEventLogging when setting up Bugfender.

What’s next?

We’re excited by your response. We have tons of requests and we want to thank you for that.

These are the things we’re currently working on:

  • Issues: you will have the possibility to report issues from within the SDK. This can be useful for crashes, conditions you assert in your code or user-generated reports. We are excited to see what  you are going to build with it.
  • Device associated data: you will be able to add data to a user’s device. This way you will  be able to set a user identifier or e-mail address and it will show up in the Bugfender console.
  • Android: this is by far the most requested feature. We’re working on it, but we wanted to fine-tune the iOS SDK before releasing two platforms at the same time.

Early bird registration ending soon!

Early birds will be accepted until June 31st, this is very soon! If you already have a Bugfender account you will benefit from the free unlimited plan for the whole 2015. Share your love for Bugfender with your friends before the deal finishes!

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