Notifications and February 2016 update

Notifications and February 2016 update


We may have been quiet for little while, but we certainly haven’t stopped development of Bugfender! You may have noticed some new features popping up already, but just so don’t miss out on any, we’ve compiled this list of the most important improvements so far.

Issues Notifications

We introduced Issues a while ago and it’s proved to be very successful. However, as usage increases, you may have received a lot of emails about new issues. From today you can disable these notifications from your account.

You can access Notification Settings by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ from the drop-down menu beside your name in the top-right when logged into our website. This will take you to your Profile, where you can update your settings.

We apologize to anyone who feels they have received too many emails about new issues. Whenever you have a problem or think our service could improve in any area, we’d really like to hear from you. You can reach out to our customer support and we’ll get right back to you.

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Daily Statistics Email

Together with Issue Notifications, we can now send a Daily Statistics Email with important data from your apps. These really help to give you a quick overview of how your app is performing. However, if you don’t want to receive these, you can disable them from the same Notification Settings screen as mentioned above.


We have implemented a few minor bug fixes which means the SDK runs better than ever, and ensures your apps are safe.

Associated Device Information
A few weeks ago we introduced a feature which allows you to associate data with a device using the SDK. You can see this information whenever you visit a device or a session in Bugfender. Protip: You can also find a specific device by searching, for example, to find sessions related to a user, you can search by email address like “[email protected]”.
For more information, check out our Associated Device Information blog post.

Impact Accelerator

We are proud to announce that we have been selected by Impact Accelerator as one of the best European startups, you can find the official announcement here.
We have some exciting challenges lined up for the next few months, which will push Bugfender to the next level. We’ll be able to invest more time and energy building our app, to help you develop better apps!

What’s next

  • Zapier: To offer you more flexibility we are working on our Zapier integration, allowing you to connect with hundreds of apps and create your own workflow.
  • Android SDK: We’ve been working hard on Android support and it’s nearly ready. We have some final tests and packaging for easy integration, before it’s release within the next few weeks.

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