Search 🔍 my logs!

Search 🔍  my logs!

On Bugfender we keep improving our product based on your suggestions, so please contact us if you find something missing in the product.

Over the last months we have been working on a new search engine that allows you to search also inside the logs. We have been testing this search engine with some customers for a few weeks (thank you!) and since last week it is now enabled for all Bugfender users.

With the new engine you can search for specific devices / sessions using the search box and the search will be performed in the user device data and also in the logs.

If you want to search an exact text, put it between quotes: “text to search”. Otherwise, the search will return anything that has any of the words. If you plan to search of email, also use quotes [email protected] as the engine splits words on any symbol.

Device associated data search
If you want to perform a search only on the device id or the device data you provide using our SDK, you can speed up the search using:

This will search only on the device id and device data.

If you want to learn more about our search feature, please check our Knowledge Base article Searching for logs.

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