Updates from Bugfender Q1/2019

Updates from Bugfender Q1/2019


What’s New at Bugfender?

Last month, Bugfender turned four years old. We didn’t throw a massive party to celebrate the birthday, but we all reflected with pride on the amazing journey we’ve been on.

In celebration though we have setup an affiliate program, allowing you to share the love, earn some cash rewards – and improve the quality of apps all over the world! Find out more in our blog post.

With the number of smartphone users rising all the time, the challenge of fixing bugs is getting increasingly difficult. So it’s with great pride that we announce new and improved support for both Ionic and Unity.

In other updates, we have also…

  • Added Two-Factor Authentication: You can authenticate with an Authenticator app or Security Token. If you lose access to your primary authentication method, you can recover access with an SMS to your phone.
  • Added statistics of new and active devices to our web app.
  • Added the option of hiding device names (Business plan and up).
  • Added Carthage support (a dependency manager for iOS) — it has been requested for a long time and we finally added it.

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