Updates from Bugfender Q3/2018

Updates from Bugfender Q3/2018


What’s New at Bugfender?

We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer and are now enjoying the fall. After our release of Bugfender 2 earlier in the year, we’ve been fine tuning and adding many UI improvements.

We’ve also been working on an improved filter view, enhancing issues and adding React Native support – all coming very soon, so watch this space.

Bugfender Stats

Each quarter, we like to share some stats about Bugfender’s usage. Here are a couple of interesting pieces:

  • We now have 6,597 users (up from 5,842)
  • Who have installed Bugfender in over 11,142 apps (up from 10,375)
  • These apps have been installed on over 83 million devices (up from 64 million)
  • Collectively, these devices are recording over 215 million log lines every day (up from 180 million)
  • We have 191 paying customers (up from 178)
  • Which makes our MRR €12,710 (up from €10,473)
  • Our monthly expenses are €15,084 (up from €14,188)
  • Which makes our profit sit at -€2,374 (up from -€3,558)

All our metrics have improved. In the past few months we’ve increased our efforts as we’re excited to keep improving Bugfender. Next quarter we’re also expecting to add additional investment in enhancing Bugfender’s stability, making it ready to serve even more customers.

Thank you so much for your support, it’s because of you that we can keep working on it every day.

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