Updates from Bugfender Q4/2018

Updates from Bugfender Q4/2018


What’s New at Bugfender?

New Bugfender React Native Plug-In

Like the rest of the development world, we’ve come to rely on React Native, a cross-platform framework to build killer apps across Android, iOS and web.

But that’s not why we’ve built our plug-in. No, it’s because our users were building their own versions! So it was clear we needed an official version to ensure full support to our users, and create a simple, universal product for everyone.

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Why Collecting In-App Feedback is Essential [New Feature]

In our never-ending effort to help you track and destroy bugs, we’ve been listening to you. Based on your requests, we recently added a new feature to Bugfender: In-App Feedback.

In addition to remote logging and crash reporting, our SDK now provides a method to capture feedback from users. This feature will boost your mobile user experience (UX) by allowing users to message you when an issue occurs or if they have a suggestion for an improvement.

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Social Steps Developer José Jeria Mena Wins Bugfender Competition

Bugfender is pleased to announce that José Jeria Mena, developer of the game-changing fitness app Social Steps, has won our latest competition and is now the proud owner of an iPhone XS.

José built his app last year in tandem with German developer Snapp Mobile, to give people the chance to compare their daily steps against their peers and turn walking into a competitive, interactive exercise.

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Bugfender Stats

Each quarter, we like to share some stats about Bugfender’s usage. Here are a couple of interesting pieces:

  • We now have 7,064 users (up from 6,597)
  • Who have installed Bugfender in over 11,610 apps (up from 11,142)
  • These apps have been installed on over 100 million devices (up from 84 million devices)
  • Collectively, these devices are recording over 300 million log lines every day (up from 215 million)
  • We have 203 paying customers (up from 191)
  • Which makes our MMR €14,876 (up from €12,710)
  • Our monthly expenses are €20,798 (up from €15,084)
  • Which makes our profit sit at -€5,922 (down from -€3,425)

Upcoming Features

We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that we’ll soon be release improved support for Ionic applications and games built with Unity for iOS and Android.

Featured Articles

Top 10 Tips for Mobile App Testing

In 2017, a study found that 88% of people will abandon an app due to bugs and glitches. This startling stat demonstrates, with crystal clarity, the need for developers to make their product as clean as possible – with rigorous testing procedures to eliminate any errors.

But what are the key steps that go into the testing regime? How can you, as the developer, give yourself the best possible chance of delivering an error-free app?

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Top 5 Automated Testing Tools for iOS

The testing challenges vary slightly for Android and iOS testing. For one thing there are far more Android models out there than iOS, which means lots more potential bugs. Also, the two variants have their own default languages, which further complicates things.

Our mobile team have used practically all the different testing tools available, and it was tough to whittle them down to five. But, after plenty of consideration, here’s our final list.

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Why 2019 Will Change Everything for Developers

Why will the coming year be so momentous, you ask? Because of the myriad technological advances which are erupting at the same time, racing one another to reach maturity. Recent headlines in our space may have been dominated by Apple’s decision to launch three new iPhones in a single month, and the viral success of games such as Fortnite. But the real story is being written by engineers in their design labs, with a spate of amazing innovations which will fully blossom in 2019.

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