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A Powerful Duo of Crash Reporting

Crashlytics is extremely popular for its user interface and the depth of its crash reports. Millions of developers around the world use it. But one thing it doesn’t do is log the user actions that lead up to a crash. Crashlytics is great at showing you when there’s a problem - it can’t always show you why it happened.

Enter Bugfender. By pairing Bugfender with Crashlytics, you will be able to log every single action your users perform, even when the device is offline, no matter where they are in the world. With our simple integration, app developers get the best of both worlds.


How It Works

Bugfender’s features work with Crashlytics to help make your app stronger.

Continous Logging

Our remote web console enables developers to view the logs of their applications from real users' devices - wherever they are in the world. Bugfender’s 24-7 logging brings you way more than bug reports.

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Multi-Platform Compatibility

We provide SDKs for iOS, Android and multi-platform solutions, and installation takes less than 60 seconds. Bugfender works on JavaScript applications too!

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Assign custom information to any mobile device - like the user identifier in your database, username or email address. This allows you to access specific logs in seconds, leveling up your customer support game.

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In-App Feedback from Users

In-App feedback tools make users feel heard and show you care about how their app looks and feels. Our in-app feedback feature lets you design your own screen, or choose our default version if you prefer.

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You can configure Bugfender to send logs only when a specific condition is met. For example, you could programmatically send logs to the server only in the event of a crash or a failed assertion.

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Your Customer’s Data is Yours and we operate by this principle. We don’t use your customer’s data, we don’t sell it to third parties, and we don’t target your customers with ads, tracker cookies or anything like it. Period.

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