Unity Remote Debugging

Make sure you reach the next level

Unleash Bugfender on your game and hunt down glitches to keep your game fast and slick. You will be able to log and debug your game problems in Real-Time.

Bugfender is free up-to 100.000 Daily Log Lines! With unlimited installs, unlimited users, unlimited sessions and enterprise-grade encryption. Get Started!

Angular Debugging

Equipped with Unity Support, our cloud-based SDK gives you 360-degree control over your game

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Win the race

Bugfender provides instant updates any time one of your gamers hits a glitch, so you can zap bugs before they spook your players.

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Get the origin story

Bugfender doesn’t just send the crash report… it lets you piece together all the steps that led to it.

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Never lose touch

Bugfender keeps logging whether your users are at home, at work, in the car or on a plane.

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Get the views of your gamers

Our in-app feedback tool shows you exactly what your users think of your game, so you can keep improving it.

Unity Exception Details

Know which device and what version is being used as many other insightful data to pinpoint where and why a bug is happening.
With Bugfender Unity error handling, error monitoring and logging, you are in good hands.

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Installing the Unity SDK

  • Download and import this assets package into your project.
  • Select your main camera, then in the Inspector pane, select Add Component > Scripts > Bugfender. Set the Bugfender app key.
  • If your game has several scenes, you only need to add Bugfender once, on the first scene that gets executed.
  • You can use the Bugfender.Log() method to write logs.

Superb Customer Support from Our Product Engineers

Providing top-notch support is a priority for us. At Bugfender, everyone is a customer champion, so when you submit a support request you’ll get a fast, high-quality response from our product engineers.

Jackie Alden - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to send logs from within an Android service? Jackie Alden
That's a great question, and it sure is possible. If you initialize Bugfender within the service, you'll be able to send logs from there too.
The Bugfender Team
Hyledd Quirina - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to retrieve logs from a device, but only when an issue is raised? Hyledd Quirina
Absolutely, just disable logs for all devices. When an issue is raised, it bypasses this setting and sends over the logs so you can see what's been happening.
The Bugfender Team
Pól Balogh - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to track issues with Bugfender? Such as app crashes? Pól Balogh
Issues we support right out of the box, and crash reporting is something that's on our roadmap - it'll be released really soon. For now, if you'd like to get more information on raising issues, take a look at this page.
The Bugfender Team
Elene Kassmeyer - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Hey there, is it possible to associate an email address with a device? Elene Kassmeyer
You can indeed, we've actually got a handy guide on this which you might find useful. Check it out here.
The Bugfender Team

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