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Cloud and Managed Service

Bugfender is a cloud service that allows developers to upload their application logs (even for remote devices), combined with a web console to view them. Simply create an account to start using Bugfender to get the console.log() of any device you are interested in.

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Integrate our SDK

We also provide an SDK via an easy to install snippet or npm, making it very easy and powerful to send logs to Bugfender. Integration of the SDK takes less than 15 minutes, and has a very small footprint. It requires a low amount of memory and your app performance wont suffer at all.

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Adapt it to your needs

Bugfender has more advanced features than the standard developer console, which includes programmatically deciding if logs need to be sent to the server or alerting the developer of an error condition that needs to be investigated.

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Publish your apps

Bugfender is useful both during beta testing and production releases with end users.


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Custom Logs

Logs are sent remotely from the device/browser to our servers, so you can check what’s causing trouble.

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Device Enable/Disable

Save your users precious bandwidth by only having specific devices sending data.

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Offline Support

Logs are queued on the user’s devices and are transmitted as soon as the device is online again.

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Log Organization

Logs are organized by users, sessions, devices and browser versions. You can easily find what you’re looking for via our admin panel.

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Customized Developer Notifications

Programmatically decide if you want to send logs if you detect a bug.

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Detailed Browser Info

Know which browser and what version is being used as well as other insightful data to pinpoint what bug is happening where and why.

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Tags & Log levels

Set tags and levels for each line to later search and filter entries within the log viewer.

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Bugfender is GDPR compliant and we'll be happy to sign a data processing agreement with customers.

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Crash Reporting

Keep track of your site health in one central location with both logs and crashes.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Bugfender is helping thousands of developers all over the world to release superb, bug-free applications.

Roberta Hendricks - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Our code was developed by a third party, we had no insight as to how things worked in the field. After having major problems, we asked them to integrate Bugfender. It was quick to setup and we were instantly able to discover issues and troubleshoot ourselves. Without Bugfender, we'd have been pretty sunk. Roberta Hendricks
Volodymyt Shevchenko - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Bugfender allows me to have remote logs, and investigate really rare bugs and fix them. Volodymyt Shevchenko from AppQ
Nabyl Bennouri - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Bugfender has allowed us to catch issues that we could not find previously while test driving cars. Nabyl Bennouri from CARFIT
Martin Kovachev - A Happy Bugfender Customer
The ability to look under the hood in realtime gives us a much better and faster way to detect and fix issues for production apps! Martin Kovachev from GymNadz
John Jordan - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Bugfender helped us to fix a production level bug in our app that we just couldn't replicate ourselves. John Jordan

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