Bugfender: the best complement to Fabric/Crashlytics

Bugfender enables developers to learn what happened in their application by grabbing the logs before a crash.

Bugfender is compatible with most crash reporting tools and works great in iOS and Android.

How does it work?

Bugfender is a cloud service that allows developers to upload their application logs, combined with a web console to view the logs once uploaded.

We also provide SDKs for iOS and Android to upload logs easily to a Bugfender server. The integration usually takes less than 3 minutes and is compatible with Crashlytics, Fabric, HokeyApp and Parse, as well as the native XCode crash reporting (since 6.3) and Google Play Crashes & ANRs.

With Bugfender you can assign custom information to any mobile device, for example the user identifier of your database, username or e-mail address, so that you can easily recover the information related to that device.

Bugfender can also be configured to send logs only when a special condition happens. Programatically you can decide when to send logs to the server, such as for example in the event of a crash or a failed assertion.

Bugfender works well in applications in production published in the stores, beta versions and enterprise applications.


Simplified logging

Logs are sent remotely from the device to our servers, so you can check what’s causing trouble. We take care of all details.

Device enable/disable

Save your user’s precious bandwidth by only having specific devices sending data.

Offline support

Logs are queued on the device and are transmitted as soon as the device goes online again. Especially after crashes, logs will be sent when the application is restarted.

Device information

The operating system, the device make and model, device orientation, free memory and other useful data is logged for each session.

Developer notifications

Programatically decide if you want to send logs if you detect an issue on runtime. You can also decide to alert on crashes if your crash reporting tool doesn’t take care of that.


Logs are organized by sessions, devices and app versions. Via our admin panel you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Tags & Log levels

Set tags and log levels for each log line to later search and filter entries within the log viewer.

How much does it cost?

You can start using Bugfender free of charge and upgrade to a paid version if you need more features.

The free version is not a trial, you can keep using it for as long as you want.

Start using Bugfender for free