Remote Logger, Crash Reporter and In-App User Feedback

Bugfender lets you see your mobile or web application logs remotely for any given user. Reproduce and fix bugs faster than ever. Bugfender is battery and network efficient and keeps logging even if the device is offline.

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What is Remote Logging? What is Remote Logging?
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Bugfender Helps You...

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Track and Destroy Bugs Before Users Even Notice

Bugfender logs all bugs on all devices and sends the results in seconds - enabling you to find and fix bugs before your users even get an error message.

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Achieve 5-Star Ratings

Bugfender doesn’t just log bugs and crashes. It logs all the information you’ll ever need so you can build a clear picture of your users and earn those crucial five-star ratings.

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Deliver World-Class Customer Service

Our logging tool enables you to target individual users and provide personalized customer support - keeping your customers happy, and ensuring you retain them.

What Are the Benefits of Bugfender?

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Device Management

Enable or disable the devices you want to debug with our Device Config panel, homing in on the users you need to track and offering bespoke, intuitive care.

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The Log Viewer

Bugfender’s log viewer and powerful filters let you drill down by device, OS or even individual user. This enables you to identify problems faster than ever, while offering a 360-degree insight into your user base.

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Crash Reports

Our reporting tool won’t just inform you of a crash: it’ll tell you why it happened. You’ll see the chain of events that caused the crash, so you can can build a proactive strategy to prevent a repeat.

Get Your App's Daily Stats Right to Your Inbox

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You don't need to log into your Bugfender account to check your app's issues, devices, sessions or logs. Bugfender can send all information directly to your email address.

How Does Bugfender Compare to Other Tools?

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Purpose Logs
Access to your application's logs and crash files.
Provides reports on app crashes.
User Feedback
Obtain feedback from beta testers.
Continuous Logging Yes
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Built for both Native iOS, Android, Hybrid and Web Development Tools


Get your application logcat & NSLogs files anywhere. See what your users are experiencing and debug your apps faster!

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View logs and exceptions, debug issues in your Website within minutes. Find, fix and release better products to keep your users happy.

Superb Customer Support from Our Product Engineers

Jackie Alden - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to send logs from within an Android service? Jackie Alden
That's a great question, and it sure is possible. If you initialize Bugfender within the service, you'll be able to send logs from there too.
The Bugfender Team
Elene Kassmeyer - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Hey there, is it possible to associate an email address with a device? Elene Kassmeyer
You can indeed, we've actually got a handy guide on this which you might find useful. Check it out here.
The Bugfender Team
Hyledd Quirina - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to retrieve logs from a device, but only when an issue is raised? Hyledd Quirina
Absolutely, just disable logs for all devices. When an issue is raised, it bypasses this setting and sends over the logs so you can see what's been happening.
The Bugfender Team
Pól Balogh - A Happy Bugfender Customer
Is it possible to track issues with Bugfender? Such as app crashes? Pól Balogh
Issues we support right out of the box, and crash reporting is something that's on our roadmap - it'll be released really soon. For now, if you'd like to get more information on raising issues, take a look at this page.
The Bugfender Team

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