The Best YouTube Channels for Web Developers

The Best YouTube Channels for Web Developers

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Over the last few years, a vast amount of time and energy have been poured into making quality videos for technology enthusiasts. And web technologies have received a particular amount of attention.

With so many videos to choose from, it can be difficult for web developers to find the information they need. So in this article we’ll pick 12 YouTube channels and video content creators that we particularly enjoy.

Please note, the order they are listed below is not a ranking: the purpose of this post is not to find a ‘winner’, simply to provide options. So, enjoy!

1. Traversy Media

Link to the channel:

Brad Traversy is a veteran when it comes to transitioning beginners to master programmers, offering both core developer advice and career-building tips. On his channel you can find crash courses and detailed web development programs linked to HTML, JavaScript, React, Python, Flask, Laravel and many more. He also features other instructors on his channel, so there’s plenty of variety.

2. The Net Ninja

Link to the channel:

Think of a topic related to web development and chances are the Net Ninja has covered it. This channel features over 1,000 programming tutorials about a galaxy of languages and environments, including modern JavaScript (from beginner to advanced), Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, MongoDB, HTML & CSS, PHP & MySQL, Laravel, React Native and Flutter. You also get tons of advice about writing clean code.


Link to the channel:

You’ll find video resources on web development, focusing libraries such as jQuery, React, HTML, Angular and modern JavaScript. Please check out the community around to know more about the courses for web development beginners.

4. Wes Bos

Link to the channel:

Wes is a developer who has made his name by sharing tips around CSS Grid and Flexbox, and he offers a course on JavaScript30 on his YouTube channel. It’s also worth checking out his podcast, called syntax, which he hosts with his development partner Scot Tolinski, founder of the LevelUp Tuts channel (which we’ll come to below).

5. CSS-Tricks

Link to the channel:

If you are into web or user experience design, you probably know about Chris Coyier already. He is the man behind the web design community, which also has an official YouTube channel. As well as amazing tricks and tips related to CSS design, you’ll find a bunch of thought-provoking interviews.

6. freeCodeCamp

Link to the channel:

freeCodeCamp is an open-source community founded by software engineer Quincy Larson back in 2014. Its guides cover hundreds of different programming topics: recent videos include an introduction to Binary Source, a crash course in React Router and a 10-hour guide to Python backend web development. As this is a non-profit organization, the videos are completely ad-free – all the more reason to check them out!

7. DevTips

Link to the channel:

The DevTips channel provides a series of punchy how-to videos for end-to-end application building. The show is presented by community members and their enthusiasm for the subject matter shines through in every video.

8. LevelUpTuts

Link to the channel:

LevelUp is a great channel to explore cutting-edge topics around web development. You’ll find in-depth studies of application development using React, Svelte, HTML5, CSS3, Sketch and many more.

9. Florin Pop

Link to the channel:

If you like learning through challenges, Florin Pop is a must-watch. He live-streams his videos and there’s loads of hands-on tuition, giving you that lovely hit of accomplishment while boosting your knowledge. The timed challenges, which seek to complete a set number of projects in a fixed number of hours, are my personal favorite.

10. The New Boston

Link to the channel:

The slogan of the New Boston Channel is ‘Never Stop Learning’ and it provides a series of videos on various languages and frameworks, allowing users to build their knowledge gradually. As well as web development, you’ll find guidance around Docker, DJango, Java, C and C++.

11. codeSTACKr

Link to the channel:

From crash courses on HTML to tips on how to write the perfect blog posts, codeSTACKr covers a plethora of subjects in quick, accessible clip. There are loads of enlightening interviews, too.

12. James Q Quick

Link to the channel:

James is a master of building applications and showcasing them via his YouTube channel, giving developers a clear learning pathway. His passionate presenting style means that whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re sure to gain something from his tutorials.

Before We Go…

I hope you found this blog post informative and helpful. There are many, many more YouTube channels packed full of great insights for web developers, and we’re always looking to expand our own knowledge base. Use the comment section below to let us know your favorite YouTuber and channel.

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