Why Collecting In-App Feedback is Essential [New Feature]

Why Collecting In-App Feedback is Essential [New Feature]

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In our never-ending effort to help you track and destroy bugs, we’ve been listening to you. Based on your requests, we recently added a new feature to Bugfender: In-App Feedback.

We’re pretty excited about it.

TL;DR — In addition to remote logging and crash reporting, our SDK now provides a method to capture feedback from users. This feature will boost your mobile user experience (UX) by allowing users to message you when an issue occurs or if they have a suggestion for an improvement.

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This change doesn’t affect our pricing structure. So now you’ll be getting more utility out of Bugfender on your current plan.

Android and iOS engineers rejoice because this brand-new tool also allows you the choice to build a bespoke feedback screen or use our default option.

In-App Feedback Form

This new feature connects the dots between your team and the user by closing the feedback loop. Although you can see the issue in the Bugfender dashboard, maybe the user has some other intel that will help you fix the problem faster.

Now you can directly ask the user: Tell us more about what’s going on.

Benefits of Using In-App Feedback:

Gathering in-app feedback enables you to get human input regarding issues and bugs, fosters a direct relationship with your customers — which ultimately boosts mobile user retention and contributes to a 5-star rating.

1. Capture Real User Responses

Bugfender’s user-friendly feedback form gives you the insight you need from the people who matter most — your customers. By embedding the feedback collection in your app, Bugfender brings you closer to your user’s negative experiences so that you can quickly debug and address issues.

2. Improve Your App Performance Management

Collecting user feedback is a vital part of managing app performance. Use feedback to start a conversation with your users so that they are aware that you’re working hard to solve the issue.

3. Design Your Own Tool

Create your own UI for the feedback screen or simply use our default option if that’s your preference. This feedback tool is customizable to fit with your app requirements and branding.

4. Strengthen Your Bond With Users

If users feel seen and heard by your team, they’ll feel less helpless and more a part of the problem-solving process. By allowing users to give their input, you give them a voice and a stake in the process.

5. Increase Customer Retention

When a screen pops up asking for feedback, you’re implicitly telling users that you’re attentive to their needs and on top of things. Giving users more agency translates to higher rates of user retention — and better reviews (which will in turn win you new users).

6. Avoid Negative Reviews and Public Rants With In-App Feedback

In-app feedback helps prevent Twitter call-outs and 1-star App Store meltdowns (“If I could give this app negative stars, I would!”) By allowing the user to vent to your team, you’re mitigating the risk that they will complain publicly.

7. In-app Feedback Android/In-App Feedback iOS (Hybrid Too!)

Our in-app feedback tools work with native iOS and Android apps as well as hybrid apps. We’ve covered all our bases.

How it Works

  1. Install our SDK
  2. Send user feedback
    • You can call the send user feedback method:
      iOS: [Bugfender sendUserFeedbackWithSubject:@"title" message:@"message"];
      Android: Bugfender.sendUserFeedback(title, message);
    • Alternatively, use our ready-to-use feedback screen with the following methods:
      iOS: [Bugfender userFeedbackViewControllerWithTitle]*
      Android: Bugfender.getUserFeedbackActivityIntent*
      *You can check the full default and custom UI documentation here for Android and iOS.
  3. View feedback in our web app

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