Bugfender and ConfigCat Play Nicely Together

Bugfender and ConfigCat Play Nicely Together

Fix bugs faster! Log Collection Made Easy

ConfigCat is a feature flag service, it allows you to react to errors and crash reports that Bugfender helps you track and understand.

Emergency kill switch

Let’s imagine, you just released a new feature called “New UI” and see crash reports arriving in Bugfender. The first thing you should consider is to turn off (or hide) the buggy feature from your users quickly before starting to investigate and fix it. ConfigCat provides a solution together with a GUI  that allows you to do exactly that. Using ConfigCat feature flags, you can turn off certain features or parts of your application quickly using a simple web interface.

Gradual rollout, testing in production

Bugfender also allows you to collect logs to help you debug your apps more efficiently even in the production environment. That’s debugging in production.

With ConfigCat, you can release new features only to a few users first, then move forward and release progressively to a larger audience when feeling confident. That’s testing in production.

  1. Release to a few users first using ConfigCat.
  2. Identify, debug and fix bugs using Bugfender.
  3. Release to more users with ConfigCat.
  4. GOTO 2

Helping you support your customers

Let’s say you receive a customer complaint through your support channels. Bugfender allows your support folks to understand the customer’s problem. And ConfigCat allows your support to instantly turn off or reconfigure the functionality the user has a problem with.

The values we both share

If you like Bugfender then ConfigCat might resonate with you too.

  • ConfigCat has a fair forever free plan that allows you to connect your apps (unlimited number) and invite your team (unlimited users).
  • We both respect privacy. Bugfender does not touch your customers’ data. ConfigCat does not even collect it. When using ConfigCat, your data never leaves your system, because feature flag evaluation is on the client-side.
  • We both have SDKs for the most important platforms.
  • Made by developers for developers. 80%+ of the ConfigCat team are engineers, working as engineers. They talk tech, understand your point of view, and are directly reachable via Slack, live chat and email.
  • Caring about users results in great reviews.
  • Built in Europe. Expect more GDPR and less pushy sales.

Try ConfigCat for free, or get a discount

Sign-up for ConfigCat’s forever free plan.

Bugfender users get an additional discount for the paid plans. Just send an email to [email protected] and mention you are a Bugfender user.

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