How a developer saved $500 by using Bugfender

How a developer saved $500 by using Bugfender

Case Studies

A few weeks ago, one of our users contacted us to let us know how Bugfender helped him to track down a strange bug in his app. It all started when a client contacted him because he had an issue with the app where it started behaving badly after a few minutes of usage. He tried to reproduce the error on his end with no luck. So he reached out to the client again to get additional insights and he found out that this issue was happening only on an iPhone 4s with iOS 8. Being as an independent developer he only had access to a handful of test devices and unfortunately the iPhone 4s wasn’t among them.

He started searching for remote logging/tracking tools, discovered Bugfender, and decided to give it a try. By smartly placing BFLog calls into the suspected parts of the app code, he was able to keep track of his app’s lifecycle and sent an updated build to his client to test it out.

Within only a few minutes of the client using the app he was able to spot a situation where a UIView was deallocated due to memory pressure and as a result the app started to behave in a non-predictable way. After identifying and locating the issue he was able to fix the bug and release a new version in less than a day.

In the end he was very pleased with Bugfender since it gave him the possibility to get information on how his app was behaving in an environment he didn’t have direct access to and he did that way cheaper than by having to buying additional mobile devices. Once he had the knowledge that Bugfender provided, finding the problem and creating a fix was just a matter of minutes.

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