The 3 Methods for Testing Your Mobile App

The 3 Methods for Testing Your Mobile App

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Developing a mobile app can be a very challenging experience. There are many steps that have to be planned for and many factors that have to be taken into consideration. But, what can be even more challenging is testing your app for bugs.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to plan for bugs. They can just appear from ‘nowhere’ and it can be very difficult to find the source of them. This is why Bugfender is a very useful tool for testing mobile apps for bugs.

There are three main methods of testing apps out there, so let’s see what each method is and how Bugfender can help you on each one.

Automated testing

Automated testing is a way to quickly and efficiently test how a mobile app performs. This allows the app developer to run the software or script to see how it works on various devices. This testing method often allows results to be seen instantly. This is a much more cost-effective way of testing an app than manual testing.

As the name of this method suggests, automated testing is done automatically. But, it’s sometimes difficult to see what has gone wrong. Because Bugfender stores all the logs of your test, you will be able to get all the error information in these automated tests.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User acceptance testing is a critical part of the mobile app development stage. This process involves the app being tested by real users, in real-world scenarios. The application is sent to your customer they will provide feedback. UAT is invaluable in that you can make sure that the app works as you have planned it to work. Bugfender will help you analyse the data from users.

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Beta Testing

Beta testing or phased rollout and another an important way to see how the app works in real-life situations. The beta testing is usually carried out before the app is released to the general public. Beta testing can help you get feedback from many users, receive reports on bugs, and test a number of different devices. Beta testing is one of the most important steps to make sure that you develop a top quality, stable app.

The beauty of Bugfender is that you can see their behaviour and resolve any bugs before users get the chance to complain.

Using Bugfender on Testing Phase

Bugfender gives you the opportunity to develop top-quality stable mobile apps with ease and efficiency. It makes it so much easier to find and resolve the source of bugs. It also lets you carry out customer service much more efficiently because you can accurately see what happened when the bug appeared.

When Bugfender is incorporated in your mobile app, all logs from the user’s app are recorded on the console. So, at any time you can access these logs to see just what happened. Your user’s security is never compromised.  

The reason that Bugfender is such a powerful tool while testing is that it doesn’t just report bugs, but it helps you find bugs faster. Here is what you can do with Bugfender:

  • Navigate through their sessions and see where they struggled. This helps to know if the bug in the app or if it’s an issue with the user’s device.
  • See exactly what happened in the application when they reported an error
  • Have the ability to analyse errors that may have been logged. For example, these could be error responses from the server or from any SDKs you’re using or your internal checks

With Bugfender, you always have up to the minute information on how the app is performing and, more importantly, gauge the experience that users are having with your app.
Bugfender is one of the best beta testing companion tools that you can use to develop mobile applications that are efficient, stable, and provide the best possible user-friendly experience.

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