Bugfender On-Premises Pricing

Bugfender On-Premises Edition is a software license to install Bugfender on your own servers. This is especially useful when you have compliance, legal, or contractual requirements that prevent you from using Bugfender SaaS.

You can learn more about how Bugfender On-Premises works and technical requirements here.

What is included?

The On-Premises licenses include:

  • The software as Docker images
  • Sample configuration files (Docker Compose for single-server, or Helm Charts for cluster)
  • System administration manual
  • Support from our friendly staff, both for your users and administrators

The license does not include management of your servers, monitoring, backups, etc. We also provide this service for a fee.


Single-server license

A single-server license is appropriate for processing up to 100 million log lines daily.

Number of developers (“seats”)Yearly Price (EUR)Yearly Price (USD)
Up to 10 developers (seats)8,990.00 €$10.788,00
Up to 25 developers (seats)11,510.00 €$13.812,00
Up to 50 developers (seats)15,110.00 €$18.132,00
Up to 100 developers (seats)22,310.00 €$26.772,00
+100 developersContact usContact us

Kubernetes Cluster license

A cluster license is appropriate for processing larger workloads and for high availability.

The pricing starts at 18,990.00 € or $22.788,00 and varies depending on the number of logs to be processed and the number of seats.

What’s next?

Whether you’re ready to purchase or have any additional questions, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to recommend the best plan for you and make a customized quote.