iOS and Android operating system versions and mobile devices (live stats)

Bugfender is currently gathering logs from millions of devices, we soon realized the value of this data once aggregated. Here are some common questions within the development community, that we “asked” our data:

  • How extended is the latest version of iOS? Is it okay to support only iOS 9 and 10? How fast is iOS 10 taking off? This is useful if you are writing a new application and want to determine the target iOS version.
  • Which are the most common iOS devices? Interesting in order to design for the iPhones/iPads that will run your applications.
  • Which is the distribution of Android versions? In this case the results are very different than for iOS (hello, Android fragmentation!)
  • Which are the top 10 Android devices? With thousands of them we can’t list them all, but we can give you a list of the most popular ones so that you can optimize your apps for them.

These statistics are live based on our data and refreshed every 6 hours.

This data is provided to you by Bugfender Remote Logger, a cloud storage service for mobile applications. We’re this cool 🙂 If you’re a mobile app developer sign up for free and start fixing bugs faster.