Live Stats from Bugfender

iOS/Android Mobile Devices and Operating System Versions

Bugfender is constantly gathering logs from millions of devices and this holds tremendous value and insights into mobile usage around the world. Here are some common questions within the development community, which we’ve gathered answers for in our graphs below by aggregating our data.


The following questions are frequently asked by developers writing new applications, who want to determine a target iOS version.

  • How extended is the latest version of iOS?
  • Is it okay to support only iOS 9 and 10?
  • How fast is iOS 10 taking off?
  • When designing, it’s also useful to find out which are the most common iOS devices?


For Android, it’s also important to for developers to understand which OS versions and devices are currently in use. Android’s fragmentation and sheer device support make it very different to iOS.

  • Which Android OS versions are in use and how are they distributed?
  • What are the top 10 Android devices currently being used?

Insights and Statistics

Our statistics below are live, based on Bugfender’s usage data and are refreshed every 6 hours.

This data is brought to you by Bugfender, a remote logger and cloud storage service for mobile applications. We’re this cool 🙂 If you’re a mobile app developer sign up for free and start fixing bugs faster.


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