8 Android and iOS Newsletters You Shouldn’t Miss

8 Android and iOS Newsletters You Shouldn’t Miss

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As a developer, it is quite a challenge to keep your information and knowledge up to date all the time regarding iOS and Android development while focusing on your day to day coding challenges simultaneously. New articles, tutorials and news are published every day and even you find an hour or so to read about them, you need a lot of time and efforts to separate the real news from junk. That’s where iOS and Android newsletters come in handy.

There are probably thousands of newsletters regarding development yet here is a list of some iOS and Android newsletters that you shouldn’t miss. Let’s take a closer look.

iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly is probably the most popular newsletter in the iOS development world. Interestingly, it was the first newsletter introduced for the community. However, it doesn’t mean it is decades old as it was introduced just 5 years ago (that is a long time in IT industry). iOS Dev Weekly mainly covers four categories; business, development tools, design and code. Many people like iOS Dev Weekly because of its color coding of different categories for easier and quicker search. It is sent every Friday and you can subscribe to this newsletter from their official website.

This Week in Swift

As the name suggests, This Week in Swift is all about Swift and this newsletter started almost 2 years ago when Swift was announced for the first time in Apple’s WWDC. The best thing about This Week in Swift is its manager Natasha Murashev who has been managing this newsletter single handedly since it started. The newsletter covers everything about Swift like its evolution, new features, projects, and design and business aspects. People like This Week in Swift because of the friendly tone of Natasha. This newsletter is released every Monday.

Android Weekly

Android Weekly is one of the most popular and most loved newsletters in the Android community. It is managed by Martin Gauer, Gyuri Grell and Sebastian Deutsch, and all three of these managers have extensive experience in the industry. Like its name suggests, Android Weekly is released every week – it covers and summarizes everything related to Android world in a concise yet complete story. You would find amazing tutorials, news and stories about latest developments in Android Weekly.

Android Central

Android Central is a well known website that gets thousands of unique visitors everyday from all over the globe. However, because of the information flood on the official website, they started a daily newsletter to summarize everything important happening around. Unlike other newsletters which are released every week, Android Central daily newsletter is specifically designed for people who don’t want to miss anything. The newsletter is managed by Phil Nickinson and you would find Android reviews, news, rumors and everything else in Android Central newsletter.

Update: the newsletter seems to have disappeared.

Ray Wenderlich Weekly

Ray Wenderlich Weekly newsletter is actually a summary of everything published on Ray Wenderlich official website. As the name suggests, it is a weekly newsletter that is released every Tuesday and according to their website, they have around 80,000 subscribers all over the world. Ray Wenderlich Weekly covers a lot of different topics and categories like Swift, iOS, OS X and even Android. People like Ray Wenderlich Weekly because of its digestible, relatively smaller articles that are managed by Ray Wenderlich.


Objc is a popular iOS newsletter that has been around us for years. It is managed by Chris Eidhof, Daniel Eggert and Florian Kugler who have decades of combined experience in this industry. Objc is considered the most extensive and advanced newsletter on Objective-C and it has thousands of subscribers. It is released every month and the newsletter covers lots of topics like best programming practices and advanced techniques. Objc is a must-read newsletter for people who want to break the crust and want to do a little deeper in the core of iOS development.

Android Authority

Android Authority is a well known website that has millions of monthly users. You can find everything related to Android devices, Android development and Android platform on their official website. Android Authority newsletter summarizes everything important that has happened in the previous week so you can keep your knowledge up to date and know important things without going through thousands of news, reviews and articles. Android Authority newsletter is managed by Darcy LaCouvee and it is released every Sunday.

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange does not need an introduction as every programmer knows this website. Stack Exchange features a huge network of many different websites and communities where millions of programmers and other users ask questions and get answers. Stack Exchange newsletter is handled by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. The newsletter covers lots of things about software development (including iOS app development and Android app development), reviews etc. They release the newsletter every week.

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