Updates from Bugfender, Q2 2022

Updates from Bugfender, Q2 2022

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What’s New at Bugfender?

🦾 Many updates on our Flutter SDK: Including feedback gathering with our ready-made UI and a helper function to handle Dart/Flutter-land errors.

🧐 The log details panel contains more information: If you click an individual log, you will get more context information in the log details panel.

🗃️ Archive logs to any S3-compliant provider: You can now upload logs to any S3-compliant provider besides Amazon S3. For example Wasabi Storage, DreamObjects Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, Dunkel Cloud Storage, Exoscale Swiss Object Store, Scaleway Object Storage, Alibaba CloudObject Storage Service (OSS), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage, Filebase, and Z1 Storage.

🤝 The Web SDK is now compatible with React Native SDKs: This way, you only need to learn one API and you can even switch from one SDK to the other one, depending on your use case.

ISO 27001 Certification

We are pleased to say that Bugfender is now officially ISO 27001 certified: our code is developed following Secure Development Life Cycle, the code is reviewed manually and using automated tools, and we perform penetration tests, following the industry’s best practices. We have an incident response process, we perform employee background checks, training, supplier vetting, etc.

We process your data at ISO 27001-certified data centers within the European Union, offering legal, physical and logical security protection measures, regular security audits, and staff training.

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