Updates from Bugfender Q2, 2021

Updates from Bugfender Q2, 2021


Welcome to the summer Bugfender newsletter! This quarter we’re planning a roadmap of new features and improvements to come we hope you’ll love. Crash aggregation is one of these features that will come soon to Bugfender, providing a bigger picture of your app’s crashes.

Also, we’ll be doing some major UI/UX improvements to the app, since Bugfender has grown to a more mature state, and we want to keep improving the app’s usability. We’re working on a clearer and simpler navigation, as well as revamping every and each settings screen to bring more consistency, and a more modern look to it.

Take these mock-ups as a grain of salt, this is all a work in progress, but we couldn’t wait to share some news with you. We’re eager to deliver those and continue improving Bugfender. In the meantime, we’ve also sneaked in some updates already available as of today:

🔌 A new Bugfender On-premises version has been released.

👩‍💼 Teams can now have multiple “owners”, which is helpful for teams with multiple managers.

🔐 Multiple security and compliance updates. We just published our CSA-STAR CAIQ questionnaire.

We hope you find all these updates helpful!

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To illustrate this tutorial we have created a custom app called The Bugfender Game, a variation of the popular Flappy Bird.

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